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DJ's Custom Golf Carts

There is more to a golf cart than just its paint job. At DJs Custom Golf Carts and Technical Services, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs. We ensure the finest quality of work, whether it is a touch-up or a rebuild.

We also offer a wide variety of Parts and Accessories to meet your styling needs as well as take care of your cart repairs. We can customize any golf cart to meet your needs. Be it extensive resprays, mag wheels (in all sizes), 4 seater kits, or light kits – if you want it for your golf cart we will source it.

We also offer call out services with our qualified and experienced golf cart technicians. We are fully equipped to get your cart back on the course as quickly as possible.

We take our business extremely seriously and pride ourselves in offering an outstanding level of service and support to both individual owners and fleet customers, and aim to exceed the expectations of all our clients. 

Why DJ's Custom Golf Carts?

Beforehand you could not get a personally customized high-end golf cart that suited your styling preferences at an affordable price. But now that DJ’s Custom Golf Carts are around – this problem is solved.

Let’s be honest, if you like nice things and want to ride in style – why shouldn’t you? Your Golf Cart should complement your lifestyle and needs. Ladies and Gents now is the time to rock the Golf Course with a golf cart that screams you.

DJ’s Custom Golf Cart is a South African-owned company and our carts are customized on South African soil. We source the best accessories of the highest quality to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Here at DJ’s Custom Golf Carts, we do not want to break the bank, we strive to give our customers Golf carts that look like A million bucks but at affordable prices.

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Benefits of owning a Golf Cart


    Do you want to reduce or eliminate your carbon footprint? Gas and electric golf carts are not only good for quick, short-distance travel, but they are also a great way to help protect the environment. Petrol-powered golf carts have exceptional gas mileage and create low carbon emissions when compared to traditional cars and SUVs. Electric Battery- powered golf carts allow you to drive without releasing any carbon emissions whatsoever.


    From visiting your neighbors to hitting the local pool, gym, or tennis courts – Golf carts can provide a quick and easy way to travel within your estate when it is just a little too far to walk.


    If you are a big-time golfer or live in a golf estate – you would probably prefer spending your free time on the greens. But no one wants to lug around their heavy golf clubs the full eighteen holes. Golf carts provide shelter from the sweltering sun, a place to rest to catch your breath, and a place to hold your golf clubs, tees, balls, towels, and drinks. Most golf courses do offer to rent a golf cart but in the long run, it will be cheaper and more convenient to own one of your own carts.


    Golf carts are less expensive than your other transportation. Operating costs, insurance, and maintenance costs of golf carts are exceptionally low. And a Bonus is you can own your golf cart for a long time as they can have a lifespan of up to twenty years (if maintained and looked after well).